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We make a nanoparticle drugs 

Poorly Soluble Drug Nanonization by Our Proprietary Technology

for the wellness of patients and  society 

We nanonize a poorly soluble drugs into nano-scale.

The use of large sized materials in drug delivery poses major challenges, including in vivo instability, poor bioavailability, and poor solubility, poor absorption in the body, issues with target-specific delivery, and tonic effectiveness, and probable adverse effects of drugs. 

While nanodrugs show higher oral bioavailability because they exhibit typical uptake mechanisms of absorptive endocytosis.


Despite the fact that drug manufacturers have known this fact, they had a hard time achieving the desired nanodrugs due to technological constraints.

Our engineers with rich experiences in the field of nanotechnology and processing equipment have designed a drug nanonization equipment enough to meet the needs of drug manufacturers.

Our patent pending process will be an optimum choice to the pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers.


And we are continuing our R&D effort to find better solution to ensure our customers are fully satisfied.

If you want to learn more about our technology or to have partnership with us, please contact us.

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1774 Clear Lake Ave Milpitas CA 95035 USA

 Tel:+1 (408) 464-6068

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