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About us

EVEX Technology Inc is a leading pharmaceutical company focused on the nanonization of poorly soluble drugs. Our innovative technology allows us to improve the bioavailability of these drugs, making them more effective and easier for patients to take.

At EVEX Technology Inc, we are committed to improving the lives of patients through cutting-edge research and development. Our team of highly skilled scientists and engineers work tirelessly to find new ways to enhance the delivery and efficacy of medications.


We are proud of the impact our technology has had on the pharmaceutical industry and are committed to continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible. We believe that by improving the solubility of drugs, we can improve the lives of patients around the world.

Our team

Charlie Moon / CEO  

20+ years experienced entrepreneur in the tech industry

Skills: Corporate strategy, Business growth planning, Strategic alliance formation, organizational development, technology assessment and licensing, Project management and product development, business development

MBA in Marketing, KDI

Sang Hyun Park / CTO

25+ years experience in advanced materials, surface treatment, coatings, semiconductor, and processing equipment design and development at various global companies.  Expertise in problem solving and new solution creation on various application environment.

PhD in Surface and Analytical Chemistry, Univ. of Connecticut,  Post Doc , Chemistry, materials MEMS, mass spectrometry at Univ. of Washington.


Mark Maidman / Director, Sales and Marketing

20+ years experienced equipment sales and marketing

Skills: deep knowledge in equipment of vacuum, thin film, photomasks, plasma, PVD shielding, deposition, testing, and metrology.  Equipment sales and Marketing, customer relations, component sales and maintenance

BS in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Purdue Univ


Christofer Shoffat / Director, Product Development

20+ years experienced product development of processing equipment, process design and evaluation, manufacturing process control in semiconductor, pharmaceuticals, and other industries.

osition, testing, and metrology.  Equipment sales and Marketing, customer relations, component sales and maintenance

BS in Business management, Western International Univ.

Mostafa Al Amran / Director, Quality and Regulatory compliance

Skills: 17+  years of experience in pharmaceutical industry of commercial and technical fields. Government regulatory compliance, manufacturing operation and assessment, production planning, raw materials procurement, training and technology transfer, many pharmaceutical dosage forms product development, Quality management systems and GMP compliances,

MS in Pharmacy, Univ of Science & Technology Chittagong

Hyunchul Kim / Head, Korea Office

Skills: 25+ year experience in business strategy, strategic partnership alliance, technology assessment, M&A, business development, equipment sourcing and procurement

BS in Mechanical Engineering 

Justin Cho / Advisor

Specialized in corporate strategy, finance and investment, marketing and business development, business strategy, strategic partnership alliance, technology assessment, and M&A, 

MBA in Finance, London Business School 

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