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Our Technology

Drug nanonization technology

With our patent pending method which are of ASES(Aerosol Solvent Extraction System) and SEDS(Solution Enhanced Dispersion by Supercritical Fluid process)  with Ultrasound and Infra-red treatment process, a combination of highly complexed chemical and physical principles, we design and manufacture an equipment to reduce the size of oral drugs of BCS II & IV into nano-sized particles to increase a solubility and bioavailability of oral drugs.


  • Size controllability:  sub 100 nm  ~  800 nm

  • Uniformity of particle sizes and shape

  • Consistency of properties of the original drug

  • Scalability of the equipment depending on production capacity


  • Improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of drugs

  • Reduction of the amount of drug usage

  • Prevention of overdose of drugs

  • Mitigation of side effect caused by drug remains in the body

  • Reduction of the cost of drugs


Nanoparticle on Powder (NPP) technology


With our innovative nanoparticle deposition technology, we deposit metal nanoparticles on any types of powder to give additional function and premium values on the product.


  • Size controllability:  10nm ~ 100nm  

  • Uniformity of particle sizes

  • Consistency of the properties of the substrate

  • Scalability of the equipment depending on production capacity

  • Full automation process


  • Value addition of special function of different kinds of metal.

  • Creation of new product unique in the market

Equipment development partner

Busch Vacuum Solution LLC

516 Viking Drive, Virginia Beach VA 23452 USA

website :

Busch Vacuum is one of the largest manufacturers of vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors.  Established in 1979 with over 500 employees in 60 subsidiaries worldwide, Busch Vacuum maintains the highest reputation in industry with its quality and maintenance services.

We are cooperating with Busch Vacuum Solution LLC in the area of equipment development, manufacturing and maintenance services worldwide to maximize customer satisfaction.

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